Sunday, July 5, 2009

Funny moments always to remember!

So the other day,(friday) we were coming home from a long day at the race track. Ray and I figured the baby would goto sleep after such a long day. And at first it was really quite...then we hear...'Ronnie, Roooooooonie!' So Ronnie says 'What Joshy?' and Joshy replies 'I don't know!'
We all kind of Chuckled and then it was quite again. Then we hear 'Dusty, Duuuuuuusty!' Dusty says 'What Joshy? Joshy says 'I forgot!' Again we all laughed and it went quite again. Then we hear 'Frankie, Bubbbbbbbbba!' Frankie replies 'What Joshy?' Joshy says 'I love you!' We all laugh and said Awww. Then for Jimmy, Chris and Joey ...Joshy said ' I love you bubbas!'
And it all went quite again....then we hear ' Daddy, Dadddddddddy!' Ray says 'What Joshy?' Joshy replies 'Thank you Daddy!' Then I know its my turn...waiting waiting....."Mommmmy, Mom!' 'What Joshy?' Joshy replies "I'm tired!'
For a little guy he sure knows how to express himself! And he is very talkative!

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  1. Hi Adds!! This is just too cute!!! What wonderful memories being made. Bless you all!